Ove Holmqvist works in the intersection of experimental media, fine art and design with a focus on biofeedback and collaborative, generative processes. Ove has a background in audiovisual art and design, advertising and media. He is the concept designer and founder of
tel. +358 45 111 0379
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Joonas Paalasmaa, PhD, is a computer scientist and biomedical engineer. He’s CTO at Beddit. twitter github linkedin

Henri David is a French programmer with extensive experience in enterprise-level applications and software for music controllers. He is a member of the EU platform Scale. Henri is the system architect and current lead developer of

Mark Meddings is a Brussels-based musician and sound engineer. Mark has worked with since 2014, specialising in prototype development, musicology and pre-composition. Mark is the musical brain of biomusic, currently developing our adaptive synthesis engine.

Some videos

An early prototype connected to Korg Gadget.


Biomusic samples: